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Free Masterclass

From Overwhelmed to
Re-Discovering Your Potential

The Mum's 3 step Framework to Re-defining and Achieving Life Goals

In this Free Masterclass we will cover


Who am I?

I am a professionally trained life and business coach. I have been an entrepreneur as well as a full time stay at home mum. I have started three of my own successful businesses and like many women, especially those that have put their own aspirations aside for any period of time to dedicate their time to a growing family, for the longest time I under-appreciated, undervalued and dismissed the wealth of experience that I had. 

It was only really when I allowed myself to do the introspective work through life coaching, that I was able to gain a different perspective on the story I was telling myself about myself. Life coaching has changed my life, it’s given me the power, the self-belief, the confidence to embark on this new phase of my life and I’m loving every minute of it.  And that is why I am so passionate about sharing the power of life coaching and empowering other women to find their voice and stand strong in their own power. 


Thursday 7th March 


1-2 pm GMT


Online Via Zoom



Thanks to Reem’s coaching program, things changed for the better. I learned how to turn my big dream into a step-by-step plan. It was like turning a messy puzzle into a clear picture. 


Marketing Director

I wholeheartedly recommend Reem’s value and goal setting program for anyone who might be feeling stuck or overwhelmed in their pursuit of finding that elusive work-life balance…. you get what you put in!



Without reservation, I would recommend Reem for those seeking a dedicated and empathetic partner on their path to personal growth and fulfillment.
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